The National Abseil Team

We are coming back!

Re-opening May 22nd 2021

(as long as nothing changes between now and then with regard to the road map out of lock down)

There will though be some changes to the way we operate – please see below:

In order to comply with social distancing, we are having to limit spectators to one person per abseiler and the supporter will not be permitted entry into the building at any time.

Any person abseiling will be asked to confirm that they have not got any Covid symptoms and have not tested positive for Covid before being allowed entry to the Tower.

All abseilers will be required to wear a mask up until the point of going over the side. At this point, they will be allowed to remove it and pop it into a pocket or over their wrist. Once safely on the ground, they will be required to don the mask again. On entry to the Tower, abseilers will be asked to put on disposable gloves which we will provide and these will be worn inside of the abseil gloves and must not be removed until the event is over.

Hand sanitisers and wipes will be available. We will wipe each helmet between people to ensure little risk of cross contamination.

We have spoken with the suppliers of the harnesses and due to the nature of the materials and the safety aspects, harnesses are unable to be sanitised due to the risk of damage and the implications to safety that this would cause, however, they have confirmed that the risk of cross-contamination is extremely low, and all harnesses are worn over clothing and will only be fitted and removed by the Abseil Team staff.

As you can see we are mitigating as many risks as we possibly can but as with anything there is not a 100% guarantee.

We will unfortunately be unable to provide refreshments for participants.

All events will be subject to National and Local Guidelines at the date of the event.


Look forward to seeing you all soon

Tower Online