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Your FAQ's

Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions.

£110 per head

Photos are taken from the top as you go over, and these include a number of candid and posed shots. (See our Facebook page for examples) These can be purchased as a complete package for £25, as digital photographs on the day of the event and will be transferred over to you via a link in an email. This means that you can get them loaded straight onto social media to share your adventure with friends and family!

We also sell Extreme Abseil tee-shirts. Both items are completely optional obviously.

Yes – 12. You will need signed parental consent if you are younger than 18. There is no maximum age and the current record is 79 89 91 years old!

Yes – there is an upper limit of 136kg (21st 5lb). There is no minimum weight.

At the National Lift Tower in Northampton. Directions can be found here.

This is a weather dependant activity and a decision will be made on the day as to whether it is safe to abseil the outside. If it is felt this is too dangerous we have the right to move the activity inside. Please note no refunds shall be issued if this alternative offer is not accepted.

This is an extreme abseil and is physically demanding. However those seeking assisted abseils or anyone with specific access needs please contact us.

No – we’ll give you all the instruction you need on the day.

On the outside of the building, there is a small risk that if the wind picks up while you are abseiling you could be blown away from the building and hit it on the way back in, possibly resulting in bruising and other injuries.

Available times are listed on our website.

Barring delays, which are sometimes inevitable for example adverse weather conditions. You can expect to be here for about an hour in total. The abseil itself takes anywhere between 8 and 20 minutes depending on the individual.

Following on from the Government guidelines on the lifting of restrictions we are no longer imposing mask wearing.  However if you would prefer to wear a mask we are more than happy for you to do so.  If you would prefer us as staff to wear masks for your abseil we will also be willing to do so but would ask that you notify of this prior to the day of your abseil.

Please be advised that if local or National guidelines change then we have the right to impose Covid safety rules regarding masks and the use of gloves and also adjust the limits on numbers of spectators.

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