The National Abseil Team


The National Abseil Team

The National Abseil Team comprises Events Manager Sue and Managing Directors Kurt and Philip.

The tower is the worlds highest static abseil and is an iconic listed building in the heart of  Northamptonshire.

We have both inside and outside abseils which means even in the event of bad weather we never have to cancel an event.

We are the only team that abseils from this tower meaning we know the venue extremely well and we can tell you now it has unbelievable views from the top!

Upon enquiring you will be allocated a dedicated bookings manager to support you in the run-up to your abseil.

Safety is our top priority, and we are here to make this as enjoyable as it is exhilarating.

The National Abseil Centre Northampton

Challenge Yourself

Pushing your comfort zones is a great way to develop yourself and seek that new thrill. This is the ultimate abseil!

The National Abseil Centre Northampton

For Charity

We work with charities to organise half-day and/or whole day events in order to maximise fundraising opportunities.

The National Abseil Centre Northampton

Our Team

Our professionals are here to ensure your safety. They are experienced and well trained and are the only team who carry out abseils at The Tower.

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This is as extreme as it gets. Challenge yourself.